Training Philosophy

Olympus Training was founded in 2010 in Essex, Massachusetts. While in between jobs, dressage trainer Polly Hill encouraged Ellen to start a business of her own. Despite criticism for her young age, Ellen has been  able to help many horses & riders achieve major successes. Olympus Training has a fresh & new approach when it comes to training. Our philosophy is to produce equine athletes that are correct, willing, and pleasant mounts. Classical dressage elements are incorporated into all training, as we believe this results with a more supple, balanced horse who has a wining edge in competition! To achieve this we use a kind, but firm training technique and strive to make each session a positive experience for both horse and rider. We always work towards a true collection and self-carriage so the horse can show his true gaits and scope over fences. Trainer, Ellen Einkauf, gives clear and gentle aids to create the most supple horses you have ever ridden.

Riders are taught to be balanced and secure in the saddle while maintaining a gentle and effective control. We always strive to create synergy between horse and rider that is pain-free for you both. Emphasis is put on the comfort of the horse to ensure that tack fits properly, diets are nutritious, and proper care is given. Safety and fun are two of our biggest priorities and we give individual attention to our riders to make sure they are happy with their progress.

After an initial assessment, we will work with you to develop a set of goals that you would like to accomplish. We believe each horse deserves an individual plan because they don’t all fit into cookie-cutter training styles. I will take in to account your horses learning style, personality, and training history to find a way to communicate best with your horse. Ellen rides primarily with her seat and leg and uses light hand aids with gentle bits to create the most supple horses you have ever ridden.


About Ellen Einkauf

Born & Raised in the urban Bay Area of Northern California, Ellen spent her childhood summers at riding camps and doing all things “horsey”. At the age of 11, her mother purchased two horses, Dusty and Via. A few years later, Ellen and her mother moved to a 5-acre horse farm in Clovis, CA where they acquired two more young horses that Ellen trained. As a young teenager, Ellen learned stable management and was responsible for her horses daily care. She never had the pleasure of buying a “finished show horse”; instead, she had to start from scratch. She’s owned rearers, buckers, injured, and ‘problem’ horses who she successfully rode and competed with. Her passion is working with green horses and bringing them to successful competition mounts.

Ellen went to college at the University of Connecticut and was invited onto the equestrian team after her first week of lessons. She was one of only 3 freshmen who made the cuts that year. Unfortunately, Ellen dealt with a severe ankle injury and was unable to ride and compete for a good part of the season. Despite the handicap, she still won 7th in the region.

Ellen has worked in the horse industry for over 6 years, starting from the ground up. Since the age of 13 she worked extensively with trainer Jill Missildine, who has continued to be Ellen’s main mentor and supporter over the years.  Jill has shared her  expertise in creating balanced/correct horses who are