Injured Riders

Ellen has a passion for helping riders work through physical problems and injuries so they can enjoy riding again. After a long series of injuries in her own body, Ellen was told by several different doctors that she should stop riding and almost gave up on riding completely.

“It felt like I just ‘couldn’t ride’, my body wouldn’t work properly and I felt locked up in one direction. Looking back on it, I am thankful for those injuries and being able to work through them because it allowed me to gain an entirely new sense of how the body works and functions with the horse. A trusted horse professional once told me that riding could either be the best or worst thing for your body. I truly believe that.” -Ellen

Whether it is a known injury or just overall body discomfort, Let Ellen work with you to regain balance and harmony with your horse. Many of her injuries were from poor instruction, and she continually finds the same problems with students who have been taught similar things. She has worked with fitness trainers, massage therapists, and other professionals to gain a better understanding of how the body works. Ellen has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve a more balanced and correct seat. You’ll learn to use your core strength and take away the tension and pain from your body. Rehabilitation programs are catered individually to the rider and you are encouraged to do a lot of strengthening & conditioning work out of the saddle as well. We will never push you to do more than what your body can handle and will err on the side of caution.




“I met Ellen after I had a year off of riding because of an injury. My injury was getting so bad that I was thinking about injections even at my young age. Ellen worked with me for about four months. During those four months she drastically impacted my life. She taught me ways to manage my pain, and reduce it. Ellen worked with my injury and never pushed it. She would always ask me what my physical therapist was having me do, and during the lessons she would always ask “how are you doing” constantly making sure that my injury was ok. Our main goal during the lesson was to be pain free, but at the same time she made it fun and a learning experience.

Ellen is an amazing instructor; she is a very devoted and will go above and beyond for her students. I never thought I would say this to anyone but a doctor but, Thank You for allowing me to ride pain free and Thank You for everything you have taught me!” – Alex P.