“After my relatively new horse bolted with me on his back in the indoor and a few other incidents, I was told by one instructor that I should probably sell him – that he was willful and stubborn and we were not a good match. I was heartbroken. Ellen told me that he was ‘a sweet boy, a good horse, and a lot of fun’. Then she proved it to me. She worked with both of us to restore our trust in each other. My horse always looked relaxed and happy in his and our lessons – and so did I. I am indebted to Ellen for her kind, clear direction and support. She is an outstanding trainer and instructor and I recommend her highly. My only disappointment is that she moved to California!” – Leslie Kagan

“Ellen employs a unique perspective for encouraging horses to find and develop their skills. Her open-mindedness, hands-on experience, and background of formal learning is enhanced by her ability to ‘feel’ what the horse needs for succeeding. Only honest and gifted horsemen have this ability and it is a rare skill. My gelding’s progress in his dressage training was evident and he consistently presented a positive reception to her method.”  -Andrea Martin

“Ellen has made a huge difference in my horse. Before her, my thoroughbred gelding would take off as soon as you would barely squeeze your leg on him. Now, it takes a ton of kicking just to get him to walk. She was extremely patient and helped him work through everything. Everything she does, she explains very thoroughly, and makes it understandable. My horse has come so far in the few months we have worked with her, and I can’t thank her enough!” – Taylor R.

“Ellen is not only an AMAZING horse trainer but a great teacher as well! In all of the trainers I have gone through, she is by far the best and completely understands everything there is to know about horse behavior, posture, etc. She has a lot of patience and control over any horse she rides.” – Chase S.