Full Training – $550 month

Partial Training – $400 month

Sale Horse Training – $850 month


Consignment/Sale Horse Training:

Consists of full training & full care. Entrust your sale horse to us for advertising, marketing, and exposure online and through our network of other equine professionals. Professional photographs and videos will be taken at no additional charge. Arrangements can be made to show the horse for increased value. All levels and types of horses are considered.


General Training:

Our training programs are goal oriented and work towards a specific discipline. We will establish the suppleness and precision that you are looking for and help to develop better performance and body condition. We can introduce fences and jumping, work on leads, flying changes, collection, or any other training process you are having trouble with. We encourage riders to come take lessons or watch training sessions as much as possible to be a part of the process.


Green Horse Program:

Our green horse program is unique because we understand what a green horse needs – clear & easy commands, patience, and major positive encouragement! Horses are taught balance and softness at all gaits, are supple to all aids, and, most of all, enjoy their work. Their job is clear cut and simple aids are given. Horses are encouraged to drive from behind and are never forced into a false headset. Horses quickly learn to work on the bit and collect with extremely light aids. We teach horses to be extremely balanced and careful with their feet by using basic dressage movements, trot poles/cavaletti, and pattern work. Ellen has worked extensively with green horses in all disciplines. While she specializes with hunter/jumpers and dressage horses, she has had major success with horses for the AQHA/APHA breed shows in western pleasure, reining, and hunter under saddle.


Problem Horses:

Problem horses are generally the result of bad training, bad riding, or traumatic experiences. Almost every problem can be solved and Ellen hasexperience with rearing/bucking/spooking/rushing/biting/you name it!. We can evaluate your horse, it’s problem, and your riding to come up with a creative solution to fix the problem. Medical history, tack, diet, and environment will also be considered, and often times simple adjustments will make the world of a difference. While horses are going through ‘problematic’ training, we encourage riders to watch and be present, but ride other horses until some progress has been made


Mobile Training:

We provide lessons and training at your home or boarding facilities with owner approval. Additional traveling fees variant upon location.